Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 3, Episode 8 - The Tape

“The Tape”

First Script Read:  Friday, October 11, 1991
Filmed: Wednesday, October 16, 1991
Aired: November 13, 1991
Nielsen rating: 11.2
Audience share: 17 (15.8 million)
Directed: David Steinberg (second of two episodes directed, along with “The Truth”)
Writer: Larry David, Bob Shaw (also wrote season 6’s “The Chaperone” and served as program consultant in 1992-93), Don McEnery (only episode)
Awards: Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, Emmy nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Comedy Series

GEORGE: I had no Idea you were filled with such…sexuality!

As a prank, Elaine leaves a sexy, graphic message on a tape Jerry is making at his own stand up performance. The audience never hears what she says, but it is enough to send George out of his mind. He is suddenly attracted to Elaine.

George's problems are complicated by the stinky baldness cure that arrives from China that forces him to walk around in a cowboy hat and quickly wash off the paste whenever Elaine is around. Kramer's video filming is another constant annoyance for George. It leads to the memorable fake interview with Elaine-as-porn-star which Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine spontaneously throw together, much to George's discomfort.

KRAMER: So Elaine, in your movies is the sex real or is it simulated?
ELAINE: Oh. it's always simulated. Except with George. That's in my contract.

George is entranced. Later, he makes a desperate attempt to cause something, anything to happen with Elaine by offering her a ride home. When she starts to exit the car, George implies they might do something else. "I am up for anything!" declares Elaine. George falls to pieces, and Elaine, finally noticing George's awkwardness, leaves.

It's not just George who can be captivated by a woman's sexually suggestive words. At the end of the episode, the moment Jerry and Kramer discover Elaine left the recording they fall under the same spell. All three males are reminded that Elaine is a sexual being, and this awareness immediately sparks their desire for her. Since Elaine's voice sparked their interest, she wisely walks off without trying to discuss the situation with them. The three boys must all cool off, because their attractions apparently dissipate by the next episode, although Jerry still has one last encounter with Elaine ahead of him in the season five premiere, "The Mango."

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