Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 4, Episode 11 - The Contest

“The Contest”

First Script Read: Friday, October, 23, 1992
Filmed: Tuesday, October 27, 1992
Aired: 9:00 pm, November 18, 1992
Nielsen rating: 13 (1st re-run got a 20 rating and a 30.1 share, the highest rating in series history to that point)
Audience share: 19 (18.6 million viewers)
Directed: Tom Cherones
Writer: Larry David
Award: Larry David won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Tom Cherones won Directors Guild Award for this episode.

How did Elaine lose the contest? As Jerry points out when they make the bet, "It's easier for a woman not to do it than a man." She insists, and they let her in but for odds. George suggests she put in $200 to their $100. Kramer suggests it should be $1000, but Elaine finally is accepted for $150.

When she stops by Jerry's apartment and finds the three men leering at a naked woman across the street, she giggles, "This is gonna be the easiest money I've ever made in my life."

But then she finds John F. Kennedy, Jr. is in her aerobics class. Moreover, she is friends with the aerobics instructor and gets a spot right behind JFK, Jr. After class, she initiated a conversation with him, and he offers her a ride to her apartment. She accepts, and directs him to Jerry's apartment because it is farther away. Elaine is infatuated, but she remains "queen of the castle" ...for one more day. She returns to class to find JFK, Jr. was in the earlier class. Her despair is remedied by the instructor's report that JFK Jr. was asking about her. To Elaine's shock and delight, he is planning on waiting for her outside her apartment (i.e. Jerry's apartment) the next evening in the hopes of talking to her again.

That does it for Elaine. In the nightly recap the show provides via shots of the characters in bed, with their ability to sleep directly related to weather they are no longer masters of their domain. Elaine, following Kramer, is out like a log. Humbled, she sheepishly pays her debt at Jerry's apartment the next day, leaving only George (dealing with the daily erotic sponge baths of the patient in the bed next to his mother's bed at the hospital) and Jerry (dating a virgin).

To make matters worse, Elaine misses JFK, Jr. in front of Jerry's house. Instead, JFK, Jr. leaves with Marla the virgin who is disgusted by Jerry's confession of the contest. Marla ultimately ends up sleeping with JFK, Jr. Elaine's fascination with the Kennedy's will continue later in Seinfeld.

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