Saturday, May 26, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 4, Episode 19 - The Implant

“The Implant”

First Script Read: Thursday, January 28, 1993
Filmed: Tuesday, February 2, 1993
Aired: February 25, 1993
Nielsen rating: 18.9
Audience share: 28 (27.3 million)
Directed: Tom Cherones
Writer: Peter Mehlman

Between George double-dipping chips at his girlfriend's funeral and Teri Hatcher's classic line, "They're real. And they're spectacular," this is a fun episode.

At the health club, Sidra, Hatcher's character, disses Jerry right to Elaine, never realizing Elaine's connection:

SIDRA: He's one of those guys who is obsessed with neatness and order? Everything has gotta be just so. He would have made a great Nazi.

Yikes! Is this how all women talk in the sauna? I know Sidra is upset that Jerry ditched her after one seemingly good date (Elaine convinced him Sidra had implants), but a Nazi? Some Seinfeld fans would presumably catch the reference to "The Limo," but it's not an obvious allusion.

Of course, Elaine isn't too bothered about her best friend being called a Nazi. To stick up for Jerry would blow her cover and ruin the episode's plot, but it would also be the loyal thing to do. But these characters are never loyal. As much as they needle and tease each other, some of their harshest comments about each other are spoken when the target is not in the room.

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