Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 5, Episode 1 - The Mango

“The Mango”

First Script Read: August 11, 1993
Filmed: Tuesday, August 17, 1993
Aired: 9:00pm, September 16, 1993 (replacing Cheers)
Nielsen rating: 19.3
Audience share: 29
Directed: Tom Cherones
Writers: Larry David and Lawrence H. Levy (Having written for over 15 different television shows from Fantasy Island to 7th Heaven, this is Levy’s only Seinfeld writing credit)
Awards: Nominated for an Emmy for Writing in a Comedy Series. Won a Writers Guild of America award for Episodic Comedy.

The theme of this episode is legitimacy. Elaine's admission that she faked orgasms while dating Jerry sends both Jerry and George into a spiral of self-doubt. Ultimately, Elaine consents to sex with Jerry to save the friendship. They remain friends, so it must have worked, though only after Jerry consumed some rejuvenating mango. George goes in the opposite direction. The mango boosts his sex drive but he wrongfully accuses his girlfriend of faking, ending their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kramer is having trouble with bad fruit. But how can you tell if a fruit is good from the outside? That's Joe's reply when Kramer tries to return his fruit. Kramer gets banned. Then Jerry gets banned trying to buy fruit for Kramer. They send in George, who gets away with buying bags of fruit for his deprived friends. So in the end, everyone is satisfied. (Except George, but he's never satisfied.)

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