Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 6, Episode 12 - The Label Maker

“The Label Maker”

Filmed: Tuesday and Wednesday, November 22-23, 1994
Aired: January 19, 1995
Nielsen rating: 23.5
Audience share: 35
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writers: Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer

For the second episode in a row (see also "The Switch"), a relationship is complicated by a roommate. This time George discovers his girlfriend has a male roommate, Scott:
GEORGE:  She's confiding in him about our dates.  You always like the person you talk to about the date more than the date!  It's just a matter of time till they realize, “Hey, we could have sex.”
:  What's stopping them?
:  Exactly!  You know how they get animals to reproduce in captivity? They just put them in the same cage.
:  What does he look like?
:  Oh, that's the worst part of it; he looks just like me.
:  He looks like you and he's working from the inside?
:  I look like me and I'm working from the outside.  Who do you think is in the better position?
:  Not you.
GEORGE:  Hoh hoh!  This bizarre harem experiment must end!

Eventually, George tells his girlfriend, Bonnie, he is uncomfortable with her having a male roommate and she asks Scott to leave. Unfortunately for George, this leaves her with no furniture, since it all belonged to Scott. Bonnie suggests that all they need is each other, though this is not enough for George. To get out of the relationship he revisits a strategy he came up with in the previous episode and asks Bonnie if she would be interested in menage à trois. To his horror she and Scott are interested, and had even discussed it previously. The story ends with Scott advancing on George with a creepily happy look on his face. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Kramer and Newman are involved in a Risk game so intense that they make Jerry guard the board so that neither player can cheat while the other is gone, though Newman does his best to still manipulate the pieces. And Jerry, Elaine, and Tim Whatley are caught up in a vicious gifting/re-gifting cycle. Jerry gives Whatley his Super Bowl tickets, then asks for them back when the wedding he had on Super Bowl Sunday is canceled. Elaine gave Whatley a label maker, which he re-gifts to Jerry to thank him for the tickets. Whatley also promises one of his tickets to his postman, who happens to be Newman, but then offers it to Elaine instead when Elaine invites herself up to his apartment to discretely investigate whether Whatley re-gifted her label maker. Ultimately, Whatley gives his ticket back to Jerry, who ends up at the Super Bowl with Newman while Elaine and Whatley's romance blossoms. Jerry sums it up best:
JERRY:  Yeah, well I don't trust this guy.  I think he re-gifted, and then he de-gifted, and now he's using an upstairs invite as a springboard to a Super Bowl sex romp!

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