Monday, September 10, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 6, Episode 19 - The Doodle

“The Doodle”

First Script Read:  Sunday, February 12, 1995
Filmed: Tuesday-Wednesday, February 14-15, 1995
Aired: April 6, 1995
Nielsen rating: 21.3
Audience share: 34
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writers: Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer

If you could date someone who thought you were ugly, but still wanted to be with you and said looks aren't important, would you do it? Think carefully...

George finds an unflattering doodle of himself in his new girlfriend Paula's purse. Elaine questions her and reports back to George that looks aren't important to Paula. This devastates George:
GEORGE: She thinks I'm ugly. I knew it.
JERRY: You see the thing of it is, there's a lot of ugly people out there walking around, but they don't know they're ugly because nobody actually tells them.
GEORGE: So what's your point?
JERRY: I don’t know...
ELAINE: Okay. The point, George, is she likes you.
GEORGE: Oh, so what! I'd rather she hate me and thought I was good looking. At least I can get somebody else.

Later George runs into Paula on the street and confronts her:
GEORGE: Hello.
PAULA: What's the matter?
GEORGE: Well, I spoke to Elaine…
PAULA: Hey! Look. No shave.
GEORGE: No. Why should that make any difference to you?
PAULA: It doesn't.
GEORGE: Of course not. You don't care what I look like.
PAULA: That's right I don't.
GEORGE: I suppose I could just pull this out [UNTUCKS HIS SHIRT] and walk around like this and you wouldn't care?
PAULA: Not a wit.
GEORGE: Hoh-hmm? I suppose we could go to Lincoln Center and I'd be wearing sneakers and jeans and that would be fine too.
PAULA: You can wear sweatpants.
GEORGE: I could?
PAULA: You could drape yourself in velvet for all I care.
GEORGE: Velvet...

George suddenly realizes what a gift Paula is giving him! She has told him that the way he presents himself to the world, something that has always been such a big part of his own self-consciousness and angst, don't matter to her. Instead of worrying about how he looks to her, she gives him permission to just be comfortable. One of the most important rules of society that he and Jerry and Elaine struggle so hard to follow has just been erased by Paula's mindset. For a brief moment, George experiences a joyful liberty unlike anything we have seen from him since his experiment doing the opposite of his instincts. It could have lasted, too, except George cannot rid himself of his own superficialities. Paula pops a peach pit into her mouth that George has just spit out. Like Jerry, who was disgusted at the beginning of the episode when he ate a pecan his girlfriend had just spit out, George is revolted. That's the last we see of Paula.

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