Monday, September 10, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 6, Episode 20 - The Fusilli Jerry

“The Fusilli Jerry”

First Script Read:  Friday, February 24, 1995
Filmed: Monday-Tuesday, February 27-28, 1995
Aired: April 27, 1995
Nielsen rating: 19.1
Audience share: 29
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writers: Story by Marjorie Gross (teleplay credit), Jonathan Gross (Marjorie's brother, this is his only television script), Ron Hauge, and Charlie Rubin (Hauge and Rubin also wrote "The Marine Biologist" from season five while they were serving as program consultants).

Enter David Puddy. Patrick Warburton owned the part of Jerry's mechanic and Elaine's new boyfriend so well that, outside of Susan, Puddy became the transcendent significant other of the series. His squinty, dimwitted  wackiness arrived at the perfect moment for the show and the character. Would Elaine have dated such a buffoon in the early years? No. She used to have much more self-respect. Puddy is tall, dark, and handsome but with each new appearance he seemed to be more and more of a clod. Over the next few seasons, he would become Elaine's great romance of her life, the Susan to her George. She hated being him, but couldn't resist going back to him. Through it all, Warburton killed.

In this episode Elaine confesses to Jerry that Puddy has stolen his "move": a sex act that is barely even sketched in the show but constantly referred to. Jerry confronts Puddy in a manner that is deliberately written to seem like a comedian accusing another comedian of stealing his material. Puddy adopts a new move that George suspects might be his. It's not good. Eventually, Elaine begs Jerry to let Puddy do his move, and Jerry relents. And they all lived happily ever after! Until Puddy starts face-painting three episodes from now...

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