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SEINFELD - Season 6, Episode 22 - The Face Painter

“The Face Painter”

First Script Read:  March 26, 1995
Filmed: Tuesday-Wednesday, March 28-29, 1995
Aired: May 11, 1995
Nielsen rating: 18.4
Audience share: 29
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writers: Larry David (teleplay and story) and Fred Stoller (story)

Having quickly gotten over Paula, the woman who didn't care what he looked like a few episodes ago in "The Doodle," George is head over heals for Siena. But when he says "I love you" to her she seems to ignore him. He doesn't get the "I love you" return, and he is devastated. Later he is given a second chance when he learns she cannot hear well out of one ear. He decides to try again. "I heard you the first time," is her reply.

Kramer is delighted that Siena works at the zoo. He takes advantage of this connection for a special tour, where he gets into an altercation with Barry, a monkey at the zoo. Kramer is asked to apologize to the monkey, who hasn't been eating since their fight. After some coaxing, Kramer tells Barry he's sorry. Barry spits on him and the two shriek at each other.

Jerry, meanwhile, scored hockey playoff tickets from his friend Alec Berg (named after a Seinfeld writer). Kramer tries to get Jerry to call Alec and thank him for the tickets and see about Alec's suggestion that he might be able to give Jerry more tickets to another game. Jerry, however, refuses to make another call. He argues that he thanked Alec profusely when he got the tickets the first time. Jerry is more stubborn about social niceties with another human than Kramer is with a monkey. When Jerry finally does call Alec about the tickets, it is too late. The tickets have been given away to someone else. Kramer and Jerry must be content with being part of a group of fans who are painting their chests to spell out "D-E-V-I-L-S," one of whom is Elaine's face painting boyfriend David Puddy.

Elaine first discovered Puddy's face painting habit when he attended the earlier hockey game with them. She is horribly embarrassed and put off by his behavior. She decides she can't date someone who is a face painter so she tries to break up with him:
ELAINE: David, I don't think we should see each other anymore.
PUDDY: You gotta be kidding! How come?
ELAINE: Well, you see, David, you're a face painter.
PUDDY: Yeah, that's right.
ELAINE: Well, it's not that I don't like you, but…well to be perfectly honest, I'm just having some trouble getting past the face painting.
PUDDY: Well, alright, so you don't like the face painting. I just won't paint it anymore.
ELAINE: Yeah, but you like the face painting.
PUDDY: Well, I don't need to do it. It's not like a habit or anything.
ELAINE: Oh. You mean you'd stop it for me?
PUDDY: Yeah, that's right.
ELAINE: That's so, that's so sweet!

Elaine's first instinct is not to talk through her problem with Puddy, it is to break up with him. She cannot imagine someone changing for her, so when he does offer to stop his face painting because she asked, she is completely overcome with emotion. Of course, he takes advantage of the loophole and paints his chest, but at least they are still together.

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