Friday, September 28, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 7, Episode 17 - The Friars Club

“The Friars Club”

First Script Read: Wednesday, February 7, 1996
Filmed: Wednesday, February 14, 1996
Aired: March 7, 1996
Nielsen rating: 21.7
Audience share: 33
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writer: David Mandel

It's nice to see George happy every once in a while. This episode opens with him skipping down the street, singing, "It's June!" because a catering snafu forced him and Susan to postpone their wedding. He arrives at Jerry's to share the good news, and is further enthused when Jerry accepts his proposal that they double-date with Susan's best friend, Hallie.

When they do go out to dinner, George spends most of the time talking to Jerry while Susan is happily preoccupied with Hallie. George loves it, but only because he doesn't have to interact with Susan at all. He thinks his life could work out alright if Jerry somehow ends up with Hallie, but he's merely distracting himself from his dislike for Susan. His joy is an illusion.

At a show for their next double-date, one of the acrobatic magicians does some cheap magic of his own, disappearing the coat Jerry borrowed from the Friar's Club by flinging it off their balcony into the audience. When they don't collect the coat after the show, Jerry fears he'll never get the jacket back. His experience sours him on Hallie, to George's dismay. Ultimately, George's dream falls apart. He must face life with Susan more or less alone.

Elaine also attends a later performance, set up by Peterman on a date with her no co-worker, Bob (played by Rob Schneider). Elaine has suspected Bob is faking a hearing disability, and Peterman caught her testing his hearing aid by whispering provocatively behind Bob's back. Ultimately, she discovers Bob does have trouble hearing, but also seems to use his disability selectively to avoid work.

Kramer's new girlfriend has secrets too, as he finds out when his new plan to only sleep 20 minutes every three hours causes him to fall asleep when they are making out on his couch. She thinks he's dead. To make sure her other shady, potentially dangerous boyfriend (possibly her husband) doesn't find out, she has two guys put Kramer in a sack and dump him into the river. This wakes Kramer up - and leads to one of Michael Richard's best stunts as an underwater camera shows him escaping the sack and swimming to the surface. Kramer escapes, but George remains in his Susan prison, at least for a few more episodes.

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