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SEINFELD - Season 7, Episode 18 - The Wig Master

“The Wig Master”

First Script Read: February 18, 1996
Filmed: Wednesday, February 21, 1996
Aired: April 4, 1996
Nielsen rating: 20.0
Audience share: 32
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Spike Feresten

The running jokes in this episode have to do with the consequences and complications of assuming things are as they appear.

Elaine assumes her new boyfriend, Craig, is offering to get her a discount on a dress because he is a generous person and he likes her. She eventually discovers that Craig is assuming Elaine will sleep with him if he offers her a discount on the dress. Craig also assumes Elaine won't spitefully cut off his pony tail while he is napping. He assumed incorrectly.

George and Kramer assume that they won't have any trouble at their new, cheap parking lot, Jiffy Park. They assume they'll be able to access their parked car whenever they need it. They also assume prostitutes won't use their parked cars to have sex with their clients. They assume incorrectly, though the sketchy Jiffy Park attendant IS correct when he assumes Kramer's frustration at not being able to get his car keys, which have his house key on it, will be assuaged by being given the keys to a pink Cadillac.
Susan wrongly, though understandably, assumes George is paying for sex when she catches him handing money to a prostitute. You might assume George could exploit Susan's assumption to break off the engagement, but apparently his honor is worth something to him, and he explains that he was only trying to ask the prostitute if she was turning tricks in the cars.

The police assume Kramer is a pimp. This is understandable, too, because they find Kramer trying to fend off the punches of the prostitute he discovered in his pink Cadillac. He's also dressed like a pimp. Elaine gave him a walking stick that she had to write about for the Peterman catalog. Susan's friend, a wig master for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, let Kramer borrow one of the dreamcoats. And Kramer found a fancy hat blowing down the street.

Jerry is frustrated with the assumptions others are making about him. He's mad that Craig assumed he and Elaine weren't together when they were shopping for clothes in Craig's store. He's also mad when a flower girl assumes Elaine is married to Craig even though Jerry is standing right next to her. Best of all, he's mad when a man tries to ask the wig master out right in front of him:

JESSIE: Hi! It's me Jessie. George Hamilton's personal assistant.
ETHAN:. Right, Right. How you doing?
JESSIE: Nice to see you.
ETHAN: This is Jerry.
JERRY: Hello.
JESSIE: Yeah, hey. Ethan, what brings you in to town.
ETHAN: I'm touring with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
JESSIE: You're kidding! Listen maybe you and I should, um, get together. Have you been on the slide at Club USA? It's intense.
JERRY: Excuse me! Excuse me! Are you asking him out?
JESSIE: Yeah, I guess you could say that.
JERRY: Right in front of me! How do you know we're not together? Two guys, sitting, laughing, drinking champagne coolies?
JESSIE: I dunno. I just didn't think you were.
JERRY: Well we're sitting here together. Why wouldn't you think that?
JESSIE: I dont know. I just didn't.
JERRY: Well it's very emasculating!

Finally, it seems Jerry's homophobia (see "The Note," "The Outing," "The Jimmy," and "The Pool Guy") is starting to fade. He doesn't seemed bothered at all about spending the afternoon sipping champagne coolies with Ethan. And he is angry when Jessie DOESN'T think he's gay. Actually, he's frustration is more the culmination of the previous assumptions. The assumption that Jerry isn't dating or married to the person he is with suggests that Jerry isn't capable or worthy of having a girlfriend (or boyfriend). He feels emasculated because his assumed potential for being someone's partner is belittled. He'd rather someone assume he is gay than assume he is alone.

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