Thursday, September 13, 2012

SEINFELD - Season 7, Episode 2 - The Postponement

“The Postponement”

First Script Read: Friday August 18, 1995
Filmed: Wednesday, August 23, 1995
Aired: September 28, 1995
Nielsen rating: 22.7
Audience share: 35
Directed: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Larry David

So basically Larry David showed up at the Seinfeld offices in late July and said, "Guys, don't worry about the first three episodes. I got this." Ensuring it will overshadow the entire season, this episode once again deals with George's doubts about his engagement to Susan. The engagement is a short one; the wedding is planned for December. George is terrified of the date so he decides to ask Susan if they can postpone it to the first day of spring. Susan immediately bursts into tears so George backs down. If he can barely stand her crying when he attempts to postpone the wedding, its no surprise that he can't bring himself to break up with her. But later in the episode he tries again to raise the idea of postponing the wedding. This time HE bursts into tears and Susan relents. 

Meanwhile, Elaine confesses to her Rabbi neighbor that she is jealous that George is getting engaged and she isn't. The Rabbi turns out to be quite the gossip, a portrayal for which Seinfeld received plenty of complaint mail. Bruce Mahler had played a Rabbi character back on Fridays, the show Larry David, Michael Richards, and Larry Charles all cut their television teeth on. Here he brought back essentially the same character, and while I can understand the concern of some Jewish viewers, he is pretty hilarious. His speaking mannerisms are so over-the-top, and his naïveté about how his big mouth is harming Elaine is priceless. His TV appearance in the final scene, particularly the "let's call her Elaine" line, is hilarious, interposed with reaction shots of George and Susan watching with bewildered shock in bed:

RABBI: The prophet Isaah tells us without friends our lives are empty and meaningless.
GEORGE: Wait. Whoa! That's the Rabbi from Elaine's building. I just met this guy the other day.
RABBI: A young lady I know, let's call her Elaine, happened to find herself overwhelmed with feelings of resentment and hostility for her friend, let's call him George. She felt that George was somewhat of a loser, and that she was the one who deserved to be married first. She also happened to mention to me that her friend had wondered if going to a prostitute while you're engaged is considered cheating. His feeling was they're never going to see each other again so what's the difference. But that is a subject for another sermon. Now, I'd like to close with a psalm.

David really pushes the envelope with that final gag! George would never really pay for a prostitute, would he? He's too much of a coward, just as he's too gutless to break up with Susan. That raises an interesting question; which is worse, sleeping with a prostitute or marrying a woman you know you don't love?


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